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7 Tips to Make Your Next PCS Move a Success.

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Permanent Change of Station orders can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Moving is stressful for everyone, but even more so when you’re in the military. One particular point of stress is the initial packing. These seven tips will help to make your next move as efficient as possible, so that the focus is on you and your family adjusting to your new home.

  1. Be sure to package and clearly label or place anything you would prefer the movers not touch (like things you’ll want at your hotel during the first few days of your move) in a separate identified room.

  2. Pack your bedding, sheets, curtains, pillows, towels, etc. into sealable moving bags to keep moisture and dirt off your linens.

  3. Remove everything from your walls, pack all screws, nails, bolts, picture frame hangers, etc. together, and clearly label them “HARDWARE” to easily find them.

  4. Request your movers lay down moving cloths or cardboard on the floors over which they can roll their dollies to keep floor damage to a minimum.

  5. Make sure you keep together any important papers and documents (e.g. passports, bills, medical information, personal numbers, etc.) in a separate moving file and with you at all times. Don’t pack these!

  6. Do NOT pack all your cleaning supplies, as you’ll want to clean your apartment or house once everything has been moved out.

  7. Lastly, sit down with your moving inspector before the big day to ask any questions you may have, and find out what the movers will and will not pack. It’s always good to be overly prepared.