“Currahee": The Word That Woke Major Brian Brennen.

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Meet Major Brian Brennan and Lt. Colonel Rocky, our inspiring guests at IHG® Army Hotels on Redstone Arsenal

Most soldiers who have endured what Major Brennan has would retire from active duty. He is not like most soldiers.

In May of 2008, U.S. Army 1st Lt. Brian Brennan of Howell, NJ, an Operation Enduring Freedom combat veteran, suffered life-threatening injuries in Afghanistan when an explosion erupted beneath his Humvee. Having sustained multiple injuries and falling into a coma, he was visited by General David Petraeus in the hospital. Before leaving, General Petraeus shouted the word “Currahee,” the nickname of Brennan’s regiment. As if by miracle, Brennan began moving his head back-and- forth and soon came out of the coma. A few weeks later, he returned home as a double amputee. But more than that, he returned home with a mission in mind.

Throughout his rehabilitation, he received an overwhelming amount of support and love from his family and friends that undoubtedly pushed him to heal and continue his calling to serve. Once able, he elected to remain on active duty, because, as he says, “I still have more to give.” And not only that, he is finding new ways to learn, grow, and excel as a U.S. Army soldier.

Nearly ten years later, married and with a one-and-a-half- year-old daughter, Major Brennan was recently assigned to temporary duty at Redstone Arsenal, where he attended classes at the Command and General Staff School and stayed at our Candlewood Suites® property on post. However, he attended classes with a close friend.

Proudly out-ranking his owner, and known for being a very good boy, Lt. Colonel Rocky is Major Brennan’s service dog. The two travel everywhere together and attend every training session side by side. As Major Brennan says, “He is the star of the show,” and we couldn’t agree more.

We are proud to host both of them at our Redstone Arsenal property, are truly inspired by Major Brennan’s story and unrelenting pursuit to grow and serve his country.

Reflecting on and looking forward to his continued journey, he says, “I plan on serving my 20 years and continuing to serve fellow veterans, wounded warriors, and their families through the foundation my family has created, the Brennan Stands Alone Foundation, [which is] helping severely injured service members.” He began his foundation to ease the burden of everyday stresses that affect those injured in the line of duty, so that they may focus on their treatment and rehabilitation to recuperate as quickly as possible.

We were honored to have you as guests, Major Brennan and Lt. Colonel Rocky, and we will be following your lead to aim higher every day in service and duty.