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In honor of Veteran’s Day and National Veterans Military Family Appreciation Month, we are giving away 1 million IHG® Rewards Club Points.

To enter our sweepstakes, provide a photo of a veteran or military service member with a caption honoring them. To be eligible to win, send your entry photo and caption to or share it to Instagram by tagging @IHGArmyHotels in the photo and including #HospitalityForHeroes, #Sweepstakes, and #ihgah10 in your nomination caption.

We only know one way to celebrate; together. So, let’s celebrate our veterans and military service members this Veteran’s Day and National Veteran and Military Family Appreciation Month.

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It’s the 101st anniversary of Veteran’s Day, though in 1918 Americans knew it as Armistice Day. It originally honored the end of World War I when the guns on the Western Front went silent on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. One year later, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation to his countrymen declaring a day filled with solemn pride for the American heroes who secured peace and prosperity for the world. From that day forward unofficial celebrations were held every November 11th, until 1938 when congress made Armistice Day an official U.S. holiday. Then, following the end of World War II, veteran Raymond Weeks thought Armistice Day should be a celebration of all veterans, regardless of which war they served in. It proved a popular idea and in 1947 Weeks led the first celebration of the Veteran’s Day we know today.

While November 11th is reserved specifically to honor the sacrifices of those who wore a uniform, the whole month is dedicated to the appreciation of military families. Families of military service members and veterans face their own hardships and fight different battles. They may move frequently from state to state or even country to country, endure the battle of time when their loved ones are deployed for long stretches away from home, and they stand with them when they return home, often with physical and mental scars. It’s a silent war but one no less worthy of our respect and admiration. For those reasons and many more, the Armed Forces YMCA inaugurated Military Family Appreciation Month in 1996. In 2018, the scope of appreciation expanded to include veterans and their families as well. Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan, he noted that our appreciation shouldn’t end when soldiers remove their uniform and return to civilian life and their families. It’s one of the reasons we are holding our sweepstakes this month, however,  we seek to serve active service members, veterans, and their families every month.

It is IHG® Army Hotels’ mission to serve those who have served. We know that sometimes the most difficult missions happen after returning home. It can be difficult to readjust to civilian life, particularly when seeking career opportunities. We want to help veterans to have purposeful jobs, and to help them we’ve designed a website to simplify the job search: We employ numerous veterans in hospitality over our more than 40 locations in Army installations across the USA, and at IHG branded hotels around  the world. Working at IHG® Army Hotels allows veterans the opportunity to have meaningful employment in an environment filled with military and former military members. Most of our guests are somehow connected to the military, and it helps our veteran employees stay connected to a community that helped define their lives. With the IHG® Academy program we offer training for veterans looking to find a career in hospitality, and we know true hospitality means service.

Giving back to our veterans doesn’t end with career opportunities, though. IHG® Army Hotels is dedicated to a range of projects that give back to local communities. Since 2010 we’ve helped raise nearly $800,000 for the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides comfort homes at no cost to families of soldiers and veterans receiving medical care. And for all the fearless sacrifices our veterans have made, this is just one small way for us to give back for their bravery during their service to our country.. Our sweepstakes is another.

November is a month for honoring our veterans and service members, not just at IHG® but for all of us. We are elated to provide the opportunity for people to honor a veteran or service member they think deserves special recognition. With 1 million IHG® Rewards Club Points available for five lucky winners to share with their honored veteran, with properties spread across around the world, those points could create an unforgettable and well-deserved vacation our veterans undeniably deserve. We’re honored to bring True Hospitality to those who have and continue to serve and look forward to seeing and reading every post. While only five entries can win, know that we salute every one. This is just one small token of appreciation for the service and sacrifice every present and former military member has made.