Military Support

Transition from Military to Civilian Life with IHG® Army Hotels.

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IHG® Academy was created to help potential employees build their careers within the hospitality industry. When IHG® Army Hotels turned to the academy for training, we knew selflessness and integrity were among the qualities we were looking for in candidates. Ironically, the qualities that make a good solider, as well.

Gaining, firsthand experience of the challenges faced by military families is something that cannot be taught—it must be lived. This makes the IHG Academy a great option for soldiers making the transition from military to civilian life to start a new career.

Several recent graduates of the academy are prime examples of what we mean:

First Sergeant Sandro Ivan Vazquez: A veteran of nearly 23 years in the U.S. Army, Sandro participated in the IHG Academy’s 18-week training focused on hotel operations skills. Upon graduating from the program, Sandro is now working as Interim General Manager at IHG Army Hotels on B.T. Collins Reserve Center in California.

Cephus Grate: After graduating the Academy, Cephus now works on the maintenance team on Fort Jackson. Cephus is the fifth veteran to graduate from the IHG Academy and move into a position within the IHG Army Hotels team.

Military soldiers aren’t the only ones with military affiliation in the Academy. IHG Army Hotels on Fort Belvoir recently trained three military spouses, with two of the graduates accepting immediate employment at the hotel. Mara Gomez now works as a front desk agent, and Ivette Gonzalez is working as a group sales coordinator.

It’s an honor for IHG Army Hotels and the IHG Academy to help create new lives for men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect our lives.

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